Bicycle Thieves ★★★★

"There's a cure for everything except death."- Antonio Ricci

Bicycle Thieves is a good film because it is so relatable. It's a simple story that touches on some pretty universal themes such as desperation. The main character gets a job that requires him to have a bicycle. Shortly after he starts working, the bicycle is stolen and he goes off to try and recover it. You can't help, but feel bad for the man because you know how badly he needs this job.

What truly makes the film work is the wonderful performances from the amateur cast. The main characters really make you connect with them and want them to succeed. Bicycle Thieves has a very simple story, yet it is considered to be one of the all time greats. The reason is because it has real human emotion that carries its simple story. The ending is pretty great and a fitting conclusion to the story being told. Good stuff. 8/10

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