Metal Bheem Solid: RRRevengance

  • Lightyear


    Pixar desperately needs to restructure their writing team. This was unbearably condescending with it's theme, as if you are watching a play by play of those "10 things that should be in your screenplay" articles. The pen bit was never funny and likewise every set up - payoff is brain numbing. Weird that they compromised on a Buzz Lightyear origin story and just decided to make it with a 'gritty' mechanical design, the toy he is based on has the…

  • Jurassic World Dominion

    Jurassic World Dominion


    Theodore Rex better

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings

    Exodus: Gods and Kings



  • Under the Banner of Heaven

    Under the Banner of Heaven

    From all the LDS themed projects I've seen - the ones that haven't been backed by the church itself - this is the most accurate and throughout in its examination. It's still prestige television so most of its shortcomings come from the heightening drama and brood editing.
    Got pretty tiring at times from all the doctrine/lore dumping, but I guess that was necessary to paint the landscape of why the characters were taking on such stances. LDS people will say…

  • Dhoom 3

    Dhoom 3


    Mr Bean's reign of terror on Chicago Banks

  • RRR



    God breathed on this

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout
  • Love on Delivery

    Love on Delivery


    Chainsaw Man he is just like me image

  • Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

    Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation


    Seen with the audio commentary, really crazy how much of the script was not done as they were in the middle of production.
    The MI franchise is Tom's baby and the level of involvement he has in them is really commendable, can't think of another currently working action star as him.

  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol


    Insane marginal improvement on franchise direction over whatever JJ was cooking up. Bird's background on animation is very apparent, particularly on how the edit flows and the inventiveness of the set-pieces.
    Bird strikes me as someone who is more comprehensive of the medium than Abrams, it shows on how he uses camera movements and audio ques.
    This still kinda boggles around with some character set ups (later on underused in the future instalments) but its still a great time.

  • Mission: Impossible III

    Mission: Impossible III


    Abrams idea of narrative is alike to a math equation