Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★

“I suggest you give me what you owe me or, anything goes.”

Yeah. I’ve never seen this movie.... I’ve seen Raiders many times but have never actually seen the other Indiana Jones movies so during this month I’m going to try to change this and watch the remaining Indy flicks I haven’t yet seen. Here we go. 

This film wasn’t great but.... it’s still very enjoyable and definitely a fun adventure movie. 

The opening scene specifically was extraordinary, I was actually blown away by it. The cinematography by Douglas Slocombe is precise and absolutely stunning to look at. The costume design. The music. The singing. The action. All this adds up to make one of the best opening scenes in cinematic history..... yes even better than the Raiders opening.

Sadly the film falls flat and starts going downhill when the characters fall into an Indian village, the film after this tries to be very dark and although there’s nothing wrong with this approach, the drastic change of tone felt jarring and really let me down. 

Now I didn’t find Short Round completely annoying, I actually found him rather charming and a good bit of comic relief but then again he doesn’t do too much and thus why the general opinion is “SHORT ROUND SUCKS !” Kinda drastic but fair enough. 

Honestly my least favourite aspect of Temple was Kate Capshaw as the annoying, abrasive, repugnant and downright despicable (I can go on) “Wille Scott“ who was a massive step back compared Marion in Raiders. 

In Raiders sure Marion is kindve a damsel but at the same time she’s a badass and does stand up for herself but in this one.... ohhhh in this one, “Will Scott“ just screams and moans and is a complete annoyance. 

“Temple of Doom” wasn’t terrible nor was it even a bad film but it’s very problematic and I can now see why it is regarded as the “black sheep” of the OG Indiana Jones trilogy. 

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