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Daniel Craig Plays An Investigator Who Enlists The Help Of A Younger Female Protagonist To Solve A Mystery Centered Around The Familial Problems Of Christopher Plummer’s Wealthy Character Cinematic Universe (DCPAIWETHOAYFPTSAMCATFPOCPWCCU)

Knives Out 2 opening: An aging mystery man seals two envelopes stuffed with cash, and the coordinates for a mansion. He addresses the first to Mikael Blomkvist, Swedish reporter, and the second to Benoit Blanc, world famous detective.
Some time later, Blomkvist arrives, with partner in justice Lisbeth Salander at his side. A butler escorts them to the study. Blanc and the now wealthy Marta Cabrera are already seated. As Blomkvist & Salander join them in a pair of empty chairs, and the parties silently exchange glances. Suddenly, all four faces change to shock as our mystery man enters the room. Blomkvist & Salander recognize him as Henrik, while Blanc & Cabrera recognize as Harlan. However, the man introduces himself as Henlan…

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