Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

I am so happy I was able to catch this movie when I could. It took me a minute but I finally got to see it and I am so glad this movie is getting high praises all around. This is one of those movies where even if you aren’t a fan of what’s going on you can still appreciate the creativity behind it. That’s one thing that I can truly praise this movie for and how it goes about its setting and ideas. 

At the core of all the madness this is a heart warming family drama that was easy for me to get into. The characters weren’t one dimensional and felt very relatable in some way .When I saw the trailers I had a idea on what I was in for but during the movie it had so many more surprises up it’s sleeve. The fight choreography, CGI, makeup, set design, story structure was all fantastic and was really brought home with the performances. The comedy definitely won’t be for everyone, it’s a lot more on the nose humor that I thought it would be. It worked for me everything the movie introduced really made me love it even more. The setting itself is also very limited which was a surprise. Which I can understand it is a indie movie, but they did use their space really well.

The main actors we spend time with were really great. Jamie Lee Curtis and James Hong were enjoyable for the time they had. Stephanie Hsu really left a impression on me it ended. Her character felt  like she was Carrying a lot of unspoken feelings and she brought to life really well. Ke Huy Quan was the most entertaining one for sure I also had no idea he was SHORT ROUND from Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom ( 1984) and he also was in the Goonies (1985). He brought the heart of the story and was the one I can identify with in some ways. Then there was Michelle Yeoh who obviously came out to play on this one because she was the best. Her character  felt so earned and respectful . This movie honestly served as a love letter to her and her career. The same way Birdman (2014) was to Michael Keaton. I appreciate this movie and I hope more directors can go this creative with their work. I am so excited to see what the Daniels will do next because I’m definitely on board after this.

This is definitely one those movies that going to take me another watch to truly appreciate it some more. I can’t wait till that happen because man what a ride!

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