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This review may contain spoilers.

holy fucking SHIT!!!! everything i wanted in a scream movie i fucking got tenfold 😭 

THE FUCKING KILLS! ate ate ATE, no fucking crumbs. when i heard the new rendition of ‘trouble in woodsboro / windsor college’ play, i literally grinned so fucking hard, i love that theme and them bringing it back just before gale gets her first scene is iconic honestly.

and of course, how can i not mention the chase scenes and set pieces?! literally anything i could want from a chase scene i was given. the apartment scene with the ladder? INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS! 

and finally, the characters… never have i truly had more fear for survivors in a scream movie, not even for 5. this one really thrusted our core four, gale and kirby into a minefield with a blindfold and said ‘run!’. thats how it felt watching them trying to get out of the movie alive lol

a messy, incoherent, fresh thoughts review, but i am so so so so happy with this. radio silence truly understand this franchise so much and to have it in their hands is the best thing i couldve asked for. im so in love with this movie, im going to go smoke and probably shed a few tears thinking about it!

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