Zodiac ★★★★

With strong dialogue and great performances, Zodiac delivered a solid story on the struggles of finding the Zodiac killer. Director David Fincher brought another well-written murder mystery film. Unlike his previous, this was was based on real time events. While the film was almost 3 hours long, it did a lot to keep it suspenseful and entertaining throughout. 

Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo did fantastic in this film. It’s my favorite performances from them yet. They perfected their tropes. While they performed exceptionally well, I felt like Robert Downey Jr. added nothing to the story. His scenes could of been cut out and it wouldn’t really affect the overall story. 

The dialogue was delivered very fast. People were talking way quicker then usual. Sometimes it became a distraction but I understand the reasoning. The complex story was so rich in material that it could of went longer then 3 hours. The story was so much fun to watch. I was engaged since the first scene to see who the killer was. Everytime a murder was going to take place, it definitely had an impact. There were so many great scenes scattered throughout that kept me alert. The suspense was there to add a sense of unease for the main characters. While there were some great scenes, I felt like some scenes could of been cut out to make the plot less confusing.  Overall, a great detective film.

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