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This review may contain spoilers.

Second watch was even better. Some thoughts:

1. The action sequence with Logan, Xavier, and Laura escaping their hideout in the limo is even better the second time.

2. On the podcast, there was some debate as to the meaning of Logan's last words, "So this is what it feels like." Dax and Frank took that to mean Logan was commenting on what it feels like to die or be dying. I felt there was an intended secondary -- and much more important -- meaning which was definitely solidified by this second viewing.

When they're in the house with the family, Patrick Stewart says to Logan "This is what life looks like. People who love each other. A home. You should take a moment...feel it."

As Logan lays dying, Laura holds his hand and calls him daddy. In response, Logan says "So this is what it feels like."

3. Some Film Junk listeners suggested I might be annoyed by Logan because of the trope of the superhero fighting a bigger, more powerful version of himself. Normally they'd be right, but in Logan it's thematically sound. The entire film he (and Laura, and Xavier to an extent) are grappling with the emotional consequences of their violent actions and the people they've killed. "There's no living with the killing. There's no going back. Right or wrong, it's a brand."

X-24 is a physical embodiment of Logan's violent alter-ego. It's no coincidence that Laura -- the person that helps Logan feel what it's like to love/be loved -- is the one that kills him, using the very bullet Logan had planned to use to kill himself.