Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★★


Four survivors of the Ghostface murders leave Woodsboro behind for a fresh start in New York City. However, they soon find themselves in a fight for their lives when a new killer embarks on a bloody rampage.

There may be some slight bias in this review as Scream is my favorite film series of all time, but I can safely say that Scream VI fucking rips man.


I want to start by talking about the opening sequence, the one thing every Scream fan is anticipating in a new installment are those oh so iconic opening sequences that typically lead into the title card, and oh man. The sequence in this one is unlike most, longer, more violent, and even misleading at times. It is incredibly tense and sets up what is truly the darkest and biggest Scream film yet, and I'm surprised a bit. As much faith as I have in this franchise, there is that bit of horror fan in me that realizes that most installments that go bigger than ever dont end up well at all, not to mention the last time we saw an iconic killer hit the Big Apple was in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason takes Manhattan aaaaand we all know how that went.


The Core Four is the official name for our survivors and main characters from 2022's SCREAM (Tara, Sam, Mindy, and Chad) I wanted to seperately talk about these guys because they achieved one thing inside of a franchise, be as badass as the legacy characters (Sidney, Gale, Dewey, and now Kirby). Tara and Sam are the most badass duo in horror in recent years, and Chad and Mindy hold themselves down like a new relationship building between Chad and Tara, and Mindys oh so great obsessive horror knowledge which might just beat Kirby's. Every moment we share with these characters are special and it feels like there was so much care put into these new films.

Kirby and Gale. Gale returning as the absolute badass she is makes it seems like she never left, her character arc carrying on after what happened in the last film and the abscense of Neve Campbell proves she is still so great on her own. By the way, as much as you think youll miss Neve in this film, all is explained and you wont miss her. Kirby is back, a favorite of mine from the sequals and her character definitely did a lot after the events of 4 which also turned her into just as much of a badass as Gale, and they both share some awesome dialogue together.


As advertised, Scream VI is the bloodiest and darkest entry yet, double the gore, double the intesity in kills, and double the suspense. Every death in this film is on the mark and just makes you verbally react, the ways each victim goes is different and refreshing, the gore is spot on and almost gross at times, which is exactly what I wanted, the turned it up to the max.

The Ghostface reveal definitely isnt the strongest I've seen, but I prefer the killer(s) over Nancy and Mickey, and Roman for sure, sorry Scream 2, as much as I love you, your Ghostfaces were weak. Again, they werent the greatest, and it was partly obvious, but, in the end it made for a great time and final battle which is absolutely what I am here for.


New city, in Scream 3 we saw LA, but it didnt seem to reach the massive structure as VI did here with NYC, the city is plentifully used, providing some of the biggest and best set pieces and locations the franchise has seen, it offers a fresh new take which makes me want more and more and more from Williamson, with Scream VII coming, you bet your ass Im excited.


Scream VI is my favorite sequel by far, and by far 2 is still kind of close but not really. In my mind, its gonna be a shit load harder to get closer to as good as the original as this one does, but ya know, you cant beat the original. With a star studded cast that I never want to stop seeing in these films, and some returning legacy girls, Scream VI makes for the darkest, fastest, and bloodiest entry yet, with incredible callbacks, killer kills, and one hell of an opening sequence.

The real question is: Who lives? Who dies? And Who did it?

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