Pig ★★★★

A fascinating, moving reflection on the connections we make and the things we should value in life after leaving behind the pathetic world of status that we have created. Sometimes we neglect our own priorities just to please others, and we attach importance to fleeting things, such as financial success or reputation. This film is a reminder that when everything superficial is stripped away from us, we are faced with the most real and vulnerable version of ourselves, but also the one most capable of creating the bonds we take with us to death. Pig truly subverts all expectations, the journey of Nic Cage’s character, who displays harnesses deep emotion, is beautiful yet heartbreaking, as he moves from admitting love and companionship to accepting loss and solitude. Despite being emotionally complex and aesthetically pleasing, the film probably has its flaws and some unnecessary scenes, but what Block and Sarnoski are telling is relevant for people who, like me, are questioning their wants and expectations in life. And that is enough to make Pig worth it.