The Exorcist

The Exorcist ★★★★

Josh & Javier: 31 Days of Horror

"You're going to die up there."

The Exorcist has shocked, outraged and terrified millions of people when it was release, I doubt a lot of people would have the same reaction now than back then, times change and with that the perception of fear, but even do the film has lost the shocked value, the direction, the framing, the pace are still there.

The Exorcist is a study of fate and guilt, from the perspective of a young priest that can be apply to anyone, a thesis statement of good vs evil, and depending on the eye of the beholder, if the story was a happy ending or a bleak one.

William Friedkin direction is good, not fancy but perfectly executed, Jack Nitzsche music is just iconic, interesting how films from past decades use soundtrack to complement there visuals and not like most directors now a days use it to over-power the story.

Owen Roizman cinematography, if his goal was to make me feel like something was wrong or to have this feeling of unsettledness, well He succeeded with flying colors.

William Friedkin The Exorcist is an emerging experience, of a battle between Christ and the Devil, or a man against his own guilt, whatever your take on the film, is a fascinating film to watch.

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