Halloween ★★★★

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"It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare."

Director/writer John Carpenter plus, producer/writer Debra Hill plus, cinematographer Dean Cundey plus, editor Tommy Lee Wallace plus, music by John Carpenter, now, add to that 325,000 dollars, what do you get?

The film that was consider the scariest film ever in the 70's and early 80's, the film that is the blueprint for suspense, The film that demonstrated that horror films can be art, the one the only Halloween.

Halloween is an effective well made three act film, you have your set-up, Carpenter presents all the characters, lays down the situation and even tease us with a couple of "The Shape tense moments.

Then, when have the mayhem, when the shit hits the fan, in other words, when "The Shape" do what He does best. and then we have the pay-off, the best part of the film in my opinion, when Carpenter simply took everyone to school, to an advance class of how to create tension, claustrophobia without losing any pace.

I have watched Halloween many times, but I never realize that at the beginning of the film, Carpenter uses the full widescreen scope and as the film moves along there is a moment that feels like we are using a full frame! a very effective technique to create claustrophobia and tension, looks so effortless, Carpenter certainly makes it looks easy.

Carpenter without knowing it at the time created one of the most iconic themes song ever made, and that goes for the rest of the soundtrack too, talk about music that emerges you into a film.

John Carpenter created a classic film period, even do it has lost the scary aspect that was effective when it was release, is still one of the best suspenseful film ever made, with a flawless pace and a great atmosphere is hard not to be fascinated by Halloween.

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