Brazil ★★★★★

Criterion Collection Spine #51 (143 minute cut)
Top 100 of all Time Selection
Top 50 of the 80's Selection
Top 10 of 1985 Selection

"There you are, your own number on your very own door. And behind that door, your very own office! Welcome to the team, DZ-015"

Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil' has come to be regarded as an anti-totalitarianism cautionary tale, a bureaucratic hell where fantastical dreams merge with dreary nightmares.

This is Terry Gilliam most visionary and ambitious work, with rich, visual and cynicism. With 'Brazil', Gilliam is at the top of his game, mixing black comedy with a seriously worldview.

It perfectly expresses the director's most troubling themes of the individual trapped by modernity's machine-like existence and a society content with its obscene abnormality, a theme that has more weight now than in 1985.

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