Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★½

Many are saying this very much felt like a Sam Raimi film and I can't disagree.
Sam always has this energy with his films and it's very much present here.
Benedict Cumberbatch is great as always and especially in his quieter moments as Strange.
They actually gave things for Rachel McAdams to do so that was great.
Raimi had Scarlet Witch do some gnarly shit and that was gnarly,as shit.
When Sam is just let loose and does these incredible sequences of creativity in terms of editing and camerawork it is just awesome,the transitions are just wonderful.The scene with the Evil Doctor Strange is easily the best scene in the film because not only is it insane in the best way,but we get some great character work with Strange and it's really beautiful visually.SO GOOD.
A lot of the CG in this film does look very iffy but Sam mainly makes up for that with his knack for interesting visuals at least.
I actually really liked Danny Elfman's score,really added this presence from the first scene.Was not fond of his Josstice League score at all but he did a wonderful job here.Do wish Giacchino's theme played more though.
But America Chavez was Howard the Duck the whole time so maybe Sam Raimi put something in my tea.

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