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  • Greenland



    I’ve always liked disaster movies, especially when the characters and their relationships aren’t secondary to special effects and noise. Greenland is just such a movie. It’s exciting and moving. One of the better films of its genre

  • Matilda



    A sweet family film that will entertain all ages. It’s incredibly funny and bizarre in that best Roald Dahl way. Might be a little scary for the really little ones.

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  • Scarface



    Howard Hawks brilliantly directed this trend setting gangster film. A bit dated and watered down by its much more popular 1983 remake, but still very effective

  • Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet


    A small town is terrorized by a werewolf when the moon is full. Stephen King adapts his own novella and loads it with colorful characters played by a great cast. It’s short and sweet and a lot of fun.