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  • Pugon (The Furnace)

    Pugon (The Furnace)

    There are dangers of putting a price-tag on human lives and Pugon seems to be committed to reminding audiences of that. By following Sonia at two stages of her life (in youth, portrayed by Jhassy Busran; in adulthood, portrayed by Sheena Lee Palad), it posits culturally relevant questions regarding modern slavery and ownership – about how it is driven by apparent necessity by cultures who implicitly refuse to abandon it. There are moments that are genuinely affecting, even if they…

  • Babu Jalhana

    Babu Jalhana

    The saddest part about Babu Jalhana is more of a situation than a story, and a deeply unmemorable one at that. The logline is interesting: Babu Jalhana leads a gathering of Tausug Christ’s believers, who still gather despite (and maybe because of) the pandemic. The community it chooses to shine a light on – the persecuted, the marginalized, the disabled – is something worth commending. But where it chooses to go serves more as a message that organized religion is…

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  • Shake Rattle and Roll 8

    Shake Rattle and Roll 8


    This review is for LRT and LRT only.

  • Your Name Engraved Herein

    Your Name Engraved Herein


    You see it before their eyes even meet.

    A-han and Birdy are two high school boys who find each other in a time of transition: schools open up to girls, the martial law begins to wind down, and high school seems to be drawing to an end. Everything around them seems to change except their feelings for each other. Their love tinges every scene with a warm yellow. They form the center of their own solar system, at least for…