Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★★

Some people may have thought I was joking when I posted on Facebook earlier this week that the news of a third Bill and Ted movie (finally after years of teasing!) made my whole year.  This is not the case!

Few movies hold as treasured a place for me as this one.  Of course, the single use of the word “fag” as a casual insult is a bummer, but I view it as an unfortunate byproduct of its time.  After all, gay rights 30 years ago were not what they are now (not that everything’s perfect now).  In any case, this movie generates absolutely nothing but love, hope, and good will, so I’m confident that no harm was meant.  It was just totally ok to casually use that word then, which is weird to think about now, of course.

Anyway.  This movie is beautiful and clever and hilarious, Robbie Robb’s “In Time” can still make me cry, and I’m already in line for Bill and Ted Face the Music!

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