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Your friendship is more valuable than this life, brother. I'll die with pride.

When British governor Scott Buxton kidnaps a young girl from her tribe, the guardian of the tribe, Komaran Bheem vows to rescue the girl from her captives. Bheem enters the British Raj, the colonization of an Indian subcontinent by the British to get in Buxton’s stronghold and rescue the girl. Aware of Bheem’s presence, Buxton offers a special reward for the officer who brings him in. A. Ram Raju, an Indian officer with a lot of strength and talent, volunteers for the job and is instructed to bring him in alive. In a turn of events, they meet each other and not knowing each other’s true identities, they end up becoming best friends after rescuing a child from a falling train on fire.

That last sentence is a perfect indicator on how insane this movie gets. The best way to describe this movie is that RRR is an action movie epic. This movie is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in years despite its three-hour runtime. There is not a single minute in this movie that is boring. There is always something crazy happening in the story whether it is a crazy action scene, a fun moment in the bromance, a comedic scene, a dramatic scene or even a lively musical number. RRR is a complete package.

First of all, I adore the two protagonists, Bheem and Raju. Both of them are awesome in their characterization and in skills. Bheem is a kindhearted man who wants to rescue Malli and take down the evil British Empire. Despite this, he never targets anyone innocent. He does a great job disguising himself and he overall incredibly likable and endearing, especially with his interactions with Jenny. Raju on the other hand is one of my favorite characters in a movie this year. He fights a whole mob with his a blunt weapon, he encourages his friend in a dance off, he has the best arc in the movie and he has an interesting backstory. Raju is a fantastic character to the point where I actively rooted for his survival throughout the film. The bromance between Bheem and Raju is wonderful as well. They are so wholesome together, you forget that they have opposite goals while you see them hang out. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan share some of the best chemistry I have seen in years. They act like best friends throughout the movie. The two leads make this movie a delight to watch.

As for the rest of the characters, the British villains are quite despicable with Buxton and his wife being some of the most despicable people of the year. They are complex villains, but you want to see them go down in flames. Jenny is an interesting character. I thought she would be a twist villain who is only there to give the British Empire a good public face. Turns out, she is not really bad, just with bad people. I’m glad she ended up not being a villain, but I kind of wish she would have been a bigger character by the end. That is probably my only complaint in the entire film.

The script is fantastic as well. The story engaged me from beginning to end between Raju’s past, the friendship between Pheem and Raju, the conflict when they reveal themselves to each other and the adventure of the film. A great action movie has a great story and this movie is proof of that. It takes full advantage of its runtime to develop these characters and flesh out the themes and world of the movie. The tone is a perfect balance between lighthearted cheesiness and touching dark moments. When the movie gets cheesy, it is the fun cheese as this movie is hilarious with its humor and sequences. However, it pulls of its emotional moments well, including a torture scene that reminded me of Braveheart in some ways. The script packs a lot in one movie, but it delivers big time.

The spectacle in this movie is out of this world. It puts many American blockbuster films to shame. This movie has at least three of my favorite set pieces of the year. The first infiltration of the stronghold, the rescue of the child at the train wreck and the insane climactic battle are all standout set pieces. Each one of them are not only a joy to watch, but they are creative in the way the stunts are performed and how the bad guys are taken out. The fights also show how Bheem represents water and how Raju represents fire, especially the one-on-one fight between the two. There is not a single action scene in this movie that is boring to watch. It is all so much fun. The sets and costumes are gorgeous as well. The cinematography is stunning as there are several jaw dropping shots and a couple solid takes. The only minor bad thing about the visuals are that some of CGI on the animals are not that great, but only when there is so much going on. The animals still look believable. I didn’t question it at all except for maybe one or two scenes. The visuals in this movie are spectacular.

Also, this movie has an awesome soundtrack. The musical score and main theme are great and fun to listen too, but this movie has some surprisingly robust musical numbers. The dance choreography is on point and so much fun to watch. It seems like every single person had a blast with this film.

RRR is about as close to perfect as an action movie can get. This action epic proves that a good movie is never too long. Despite being three hours long, I did not once check my phone to see what time it was. This movie makes me want to watch more Bollywood films. I feel like I am missing out. This movie brought me so much joy that I almost want to watch again right after the first time. This movie is smart, creative, funny, heartwarming and bonkers in the best possible way. My only regret is that I did not see this movie when it was first released in theaters. For now, I will seek this film out on Blu-Ray as soon as I can.

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