Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

it’s very rare that I see a movie that speaks to the soul so much that I leave it knowing that my life is just a little better for having seen it. this truly affected me. this truly peeled back the foreskin of my soul and showed me something I saw myself in. the only other movie that hit me this hard is End of Evangelion, which this movie isn’t entirely dissimilar to. Clearly I have a type. 

This movie is both totally bonkers and hilarious while also being extremely emotional, and neither of these two things ever undercut each other. The entire climax of the movie had me laughing my ass off while also sobbing at the emotional weight of what’s going on and that is something that makes this movie so fucking unique. 

I am seriously just so blown away by this, if I could have a superpower it’d be to make everyone in the world see this movie, it’s that fucking good. I am saying all of this with complete seriousness and zero irony, this is going right in my top four. this is gonna go down as one of my all time favourites easily. 

I’m even looking at more showtimes because I already wanna turn back and see this movie again. 


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