The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Dripping with primordial brutality, The Northman is the sweeping Viking revenge epic we were promised, to an extent.

Bone crushing battles and psychedelic ceremonies, Eggers has proven himself to be a master at creating an atmosphere that fully engulfs its viewers and he once again proves this in The Northman. Skarsgård absolutely dominates the screen as the bloodthirsty Amleth, physically imposing but also delivers moments of genuine poignancy.

Sadly, it does feel like studio pressure prevented what is already a great movie from becoming what could have been a legendary movie. Abrupt tone shifts and some scenes feeling slightly out of place. Also, while I love all of the actors, some of the accents are distractingly bad.

Who knows what The Northman could have been, regardless I’m still elated with the product that was delivered and I’ll be ready to ride to Valhalla.

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