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  • Theatre: A Love Story

    Theatre: A Love Story

    It's never easy to watch a movie about a couple, whose relationship is doomed to fail from the beginning. Especially if the movie is over two hours long. But I liked the movie anyway. I did not found it too depressive, because there are always scenes in which you can witness the positive aspects of their relationship, where both can enjoy happiness.
    And there are not a lot of big fights, which makes it easier to watch (i suffered more…

  • Secrets in the Hot Spring

    Secrets in the Hot Spring

    Not scary, but funny as hell thanks to the great chemistry between the actors. And also big props to the set designers for creating a half decayed inn, which still looks comfortable enough, that i would i like to rent a room there. Since Xiaogin has very mixed feelings toward the inn, I think it‘s very important that it is also reflected by the appearance of the inn itself.