An Affair

An Affair ★½

This is the most cringeworthy watch I`ve had in a very long time. On so many levels.
The Idea is good and well worth a movie. But this script, and how it is directed is pure mockery to its audience` intelligence.

There are so many "why" ?`s and "what the f#%k ?"`s and no plausible explanations.
And I don`t by Anita and her behavioral patterns what so ever. Because nothing in the script remotely touches on why this woman is so radically irrational in her poor choices. So.. She is in a dead marriage and she used to be a gymnast ? Why does that make her stupid ?

And if we shaved away 2/3s of all the time spendt in "pondering silence" An Affair would tick in on less than a hour.

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