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I have to say, this movie is better than my memory of it was. This is only the... second or third time I've seen the entire movie from beginning to end. But this time, it was in glorious IMAX 3D.

That is for sure the way to fully experience the movie. Without a doubt the best 3D effect I've seen. Some shots the 3D is kind of bland, but in the important scenes it's really great. Especially in all the flying scenes.

The effects have aged really fucking well for a movie that is over a decade old. Some effects are not so great, mostly any CG fire or smoke, but they are a small fraction of the overall package.

The world of Pandora is great, really well thought out. Although I do have to wonder... people can't breath there. But a big chunk of the forestation on Pandora is green. But that would suggest they are producing oxygen. So is there something toxic in the air? And if they are not producing oxygen, how is there fire?
This is not something that derails the movie, just me wondering about the world-building.
Otherwise I like the design of all the creature, especially the Toruk is beautiful.

The movie is really really stunning and entertaining.

Unless it's focusing on the humans. Yeah, all the human scenes are pretty boring. They do the job done and move the plot along, but they are not very entertaining to watch. Especially since the villains are not that interesting.
The corporate bad guy is a joke, I can't take that guy seriously as a threat at all. So it falls on Stephen Lang, who falls into that "soldier" archetype. He is so bad, he drinks coffee while committing a genocide. Pretty one-dimensional, but again... he moves the plot along fine enough.
I must say though, his face while he was dying made me laugh it was so unintentionally hilarious.
I also wasn't very keen on Michelle Rodriguez and her performance. She was not very good. When she attacks the big craft and is like "Ooops"... I cringed.

One last small nitpick is that while the creatures are great designs... they fucking used sound effects from Jurassic Park. They took the sound effects that raptors used to call each other and used it for the horse creatures. I'm dead fucking certain that's what they did. And it kind of took me out of the movie.

Anyway let's praise a bit more!
Zoe Saldana gives easily the best performance in the whole movie, can't wait for her to come back.

And the score is really great also. We were however robbed of something way more special and interesting. Anyone reading this who is interested, check out the video from the YT channel 'Sideways', which I link in the comments.
Anyway, as it is the score is great, I like.

Overall, this was a fantastic experience with a movie that doesn't do much for me emotionally. All of the experience comes from the wonder and exploration of Pandora.

I'm excited for The Way of Water the small preview in the credits looked promising as does the trailer. So I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, James Cameron.

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