M3GAN ★★★½

Absolutely nothing that came out of that lifeless mouth was believable, it is probably the worst acting I have ever seen. An actual puppet could've done that role better than Ronny Chieng. He ruined every scene he was in like a dead puppy on Christmas. Just when I thought him taking selfies with red hair in Shang-Chi couldn't get more annoying.

Other than that and that they had to jump some serious hoops to get the plot in position it was a really fun time. I kind of wish that Paul Verhoeven had done it though, we do not get enough satire like this.

Also: That Brandon kid was a M3gan-doll with a Ben Affleck-face, right?

Also, also: The success of this will get us a White Chicks II, huh?

Also, also, also: We went from Ronny Cox in RoboCop to RONNY CHIENG?!

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