The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

So far I'm kind of mixed wit Robert Eggers' films as I didn't really like The Lighthouse from my first viewing, but I liked The Witch a lot. With his newest movie, he makes a viking movie and even though I also liked it, this isn't my favorite of his three films. While I really like the setting and the tone of the whole movie, there are flaws that are very clear to me.
The biggest issue I had is that certain scenes really dragged as they didn't really have characters that were interesting enough to carry them. While the characters had a great look, they could've done with a bit more work as they aren't really explored to their full potential.
One thing this film does great is the violence which is always fun in a movie like this and it looked great. There are plenty of bloody battles that really showcase this and I'm happy Eggers decided to do that.
Along with all of this, I really enjoyed the moments this story dabbled with fantasy elements as these were some of the best scenes in the whole movie.
Overall, even though The Northman does have its flaws, it is still a thoroughly enjoyable film that brings the violence and also makes you feel much more manly than you actually are.

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