Shutter Island

Shutter Island ★★★★

This is my first Scorsese movie in a while so I decided to watch the most popular one I haven't seen yet. Even though this has a very interesting story and a unique way of telling it, it also features some issues, especially with some of the technical aspects.
I didn't know much going into this, I was only aware there was a twist, but I didn't completely know what the twist was. That twist was the most interesting part of this whole movie and it completes this movie very well. The story was also very solid throughout, but there were many technical issues I just can't look past.
To start, like The Departed this movie had many editing issues, even more so than Scorsese's previous movie. Along with that, I really didn't like how the movie looked, especially when it introduced the blindingly bright lights. It isn't just the lights as for the rest of the runtime, the movie either looks bland or very fake.
I still enjoyed this movie and it is probably the most unique Scorsese I've seen so far as none of his other movies had as much horror movie influences as this one. While this still isn't one of my favorite movies from this director, it is still a very gripping story worth watching.

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