The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

i so wish bill skarsgård could’ve remained a part of this project…

like two of eggers’ other projects (the lighthouse and the witch), i'm seriously struggling to write a review about this. you either get his style or you don’t, and i completely do. it’s just hard to put into words why someone should watch this.

if you’ve seen any of his other films and didn’t enjoy them, then you most likely won’t enjoy this. it’s very dark, gruesome and of course violent. maybe at least watch the trailer first so you kind of know what you’re in for (looking at the three elderly ladies sat in front of us that complained the entire way through about it being too loud)…

the cinematography was beautiful, and i loved how haunting the visuals were from start to finish. the soundtrack was equally as harrowing, and i feel it reflected amleth’s inner conflict very well to match the tormented world we saw on screen. this very much has to be experienced in the cinema, and watching it on a phone or a laptop will never do it justice.

robert eggers is gonna be huge one day, i just know it

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