Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★

I think it's only because I saw this movie when I was eight years old, that I have any cares for it today. Wayne's World made far better use of all the tropes they stole from it, and this movie seriously lacks a plot.
Since they didn't lift a pencil for their history report, future society lets them have a time machine to learn all they can and finish their report on time. But due to fine print on the loan of the machine (read: plot device) they dont have time to actually learn anything so instead they blip from time period to time period collection the most famous of historical personages, and bring them back for something less like an actual history report and more like a historical talent show. See, this movie made be point that a semi-famous person on a stage with moving lights, some fog, and a booming PA will always take you farther in life than actually learning anything, long before American Idol did! Whether you know what you're doing with that instrument in your hands, or not.
Questions this movie brings to my mind that it never answers:
1) How does failing highschooler, Bill S. Preston, Esq., know so many big words, and talk like a textbook?
2) Why and how is Ted Theodore Logan smoking that much pot and not sharing with his very best friend, who never leaves his side?? What a jerk.