Bullitt ★★½

+The San Francisco setting provided the perfect backdrop for this film. The hilly roads, made that chase scene.
+The film is known for its chase scene and there's a reason for it. It is some of the best stunt work I've seen in a chase to this date. However the film's enjoyability lasts for this 5 minute scene.
+Steve McQueen carries the film.
+/-The score is catchy but we don't hear it enough.
-Down to the film's reputation, I did expect this to be as flat and drawn out as Peter Yates other film- The Deep (1977). The script is uninteresting, and the pace (except the chase scene) stays at a snail pace. For a Cop/mob film it should be exciting, but it falls flat throughout for me.
-I just couldn't get into it, very little happens plot wise in this 2 hour film. The scene where we watch paper being shredded summarises the film perfectly.

Overall- For a film called Bullit I did not expect it to be at a snail pace.

DID YOU KNOW- Director Peter Yates called for speeds of about 75 to 80 miles (120 to 129 kilometers) per hour, but the cars (including the ones containing the cameras) reached speeds of over 110 miles (177 kilometers) per hour. Filming of the chase scene took three weeks, resulting in nine minutes and forty-two seconds of footage. They were denied permission to film on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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