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  • The Movies

    The Movies


    Tv series on sky that tells the story of the film industry and the most popular films in 12 parts from its beginning in the 1920s to modern day, each decade has two episodes, obviously my favourite episodes were the first two which was about the golden age of Hollywood, my favourite era of cinema. Nice to hear directors and actors especially the best ones talk about there favourite films from each decade. I like Julia Roberts now that I…

  • Tenet



    Such an underrated and misunderstood film. I’d say this has the most rewatchability of all time, every single Time I watch it gets better, the 2nd viewing really changed my opinion on it so I highly suggest anyone that didn’t really like it to give it another watch, you’ll understand and notice more. 

    One of the main reasons people didn’t like it was because of the characters, there was no character development was the main one and honestly for me…

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  • Once Upon a Time in America

    Once Upon a Time in America


    Definitely the best gangster film of all time. The close up on noodles eyes on the transition from old to young noodles and the scene near the end where noodles is looking at the gun, thinking about killing Mr Bailey with the most powerful flashback in film history happens are not just my favourite scenes from the film but are also my  favourite scenes I’ve ever seen out of all the films I’ve ever watched. I relate to the films…

  • In a Lonely Place

    In a Lonely Place


    What a film. The script was fantastic, excellent dialogue and a fantastic performance from Bogart Gloria Grahame. I could look at Gloria Grahame all day