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This review may contain spoilers.

The Forever Purge is part of a horror franchise and was released very recently in the cinema in the (UK) in 2021, and is directed by Everado Gaut. The films stars minor names in the cast of Ana de La Reguera, Leven Rambin, Josh Lucas, Tenoch Huerta and many more. 

This film is the 5th released film in the purge franchise. And this is a solid film in my opinion. I would say you wouldn’t have to watch the other Purge films before you see this one; I do really like this franchise, as a whole. The film has the typical premise of there been a full day of Purgery, where everyone can do what they want and commit any crimes they want for a full day, this idea is to restore some order to the USA after the day. However, this film focuses on different elements of the immediate day after the Purge day.

As there is a group of USA citizens who still want to carry on a life of crime even after the Purge is over, as they’re part of the “Forever Purge”group; believing they are helping America become “Great” again by only having proper USA citizens living in an America. This making them take action and be actively violent to remove and kill any immigrants and non American people. Which results in chaos between order and the rebellion fighting for completely terrible things. This films provides us loads of violence and action throughout. 

This film also shows another group of Mexicans who followed by a few US citizens who all join together to escape from USA without been attacked or killed by these dangerous people. I really enjoyed the journey this group of Mexicans went on, to avoid danger; I thought this provided great entertainment and made for an enjoyable watch when on going along, as we saw them deal with tricky situations and see how these characters develop relationships with each other. The film also has great action shots, especially, when the Mexicans came up against the USA Purgery group. The film didn’t have the most gore or gruesome violence compared to the other films. There was a couple clever Jump Scares that worked, but it felt overused. There was some nice violent, brutal kills too

My main weakness for this film is that it’s very predictable and I feel like this brings a lot of tension away from the film, especially near the end of the film because the story felt more and more obvious in the direction it was going in. I was hoping for something different, so it did disappoint me if I’m honest. 

I liked the message of unity with the Mexicans and some US citizens working together to escape against the awful people who were racist and discriminating others. The ending of the film was great. As the Mexicans became ruthless and fought back to get the job done. The film ending has really set up something nicely for the future of the Purge Franchise, creating a chance of a 6th film in the franchise, which I won’t mind too much because I think it’s a solid franchise and I really love the concept of these films. As these films seem a bit fun and entertaining with some good horror elements within it. 

Overall, I would review this film 3⭐️, I thought this was a good film, it was fun, a bit different in terms of storyline and had some nice action scenes, they could of shifted some things like the violence, kills and slightly edited the ending to make it unique and keep it fresh. But, I did find it better then expected and I had a fun time with this film and it was reasonable enjoyable throughout. 

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