• Ran



    The visually stunning period drama is one of the best adaptations of Shakespeare’s King Lear out there. The storytelling is flawless, incorporating themes of family- honor- respect- power- betrayal- revenge- forgiveness- loyalty in an organic and engaging manner. The choice of colors and cinematography makes it flow like poetry. Especially, the scene where Hidetora leaves the castle leaves you awestruck. It’s further elevated by the outstanding music, epic battle actions and remarkable direction. Highly recommended this powerfully profound drama.

    “In a mad world only the mad are sane” -Kyoam

  • Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava

    Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava


    An emotional action entertainer from Trivikram, that stays watchable despite of an age old faction storyline, thanks to the fresh narrative take, strong performances from Jr NTR n cast, solid actions and effective emotions. Though the drama gets inconsistent with less impressive fun elements, the solid interval and climax give you a satisfying high. The music from Thaman is enjoyable. A decent watch.

  • Babylon



    Damien Chazelle unleashes his beast with an ambitiously crazy bonker of an epic period spectacle in Babylon. Among all the eccentric insanity and wild chaos, what really makes it powerful and so close to heart is the final act filled with several heartening nuanced moments. Man o Man, the finale sum up was just pure love and cinema excitement overload. Technically it was outstanding; be it the electrifying musical score, gorgeous cinematography, glorious editing or production design, every department complement…

  • Jeans



    A refreshing breezy tale of love, comedy, music and drama. AR Rahman’s songs and BGM are scintillating. They turn even more exquisite, thanks to the breathtaking visuals. The rich production values are visibly evident and is a major highlight. Shankar, with a passable storyline and entertaining narrative in hand, pushes his boundaries with visual effect techniques to add fresh interesting elements. Comedy sequences work out well. The performances from the entire cast are brilliant, but Radhika steals the show with her cameo. A wholesome enjoyable entertainer.

  • Still Walking

    Still Walking


    Wow, such a wholesome heartening experience. The drama explores the relationship dynamics of a dysfunctional family in a deep and personal manner. If people are complicated, the relationships are even more. What starts in a happy n joyful tone, organically moves into a darker zone with each family secret reveal. The writing is solid and depicts the strain in a child-parent relationship with authentic emotions, allowing one to resonate with their grief, disappointments, frustrations, life and even walking. Editing, cinematography…

  • Vattaram



    An action packed masala gangster drama from Saran, that works to an extent for its well written- neatly paced screenplay with serviceable twists n turns. Arya delivers a convincing performance and Napoleon was good. Rest of the cast were adequate. The comedies don’t work out much. Though the bgm was impressive, bharadwaj fails with the songs. Overall, ends up a decent watch.

  • Like Father, Like Son

    Like Father, Like Son


    A slow burn drama that’s loaded with life, love and emotions. Though the storyline feels a bit improbable in today’s world, Koreeda hits the right chord with beautifully conceived moments, sensible characterizations and first rate direction. The only element that felt stereotypical and forced was placing the fathers on either side of the coin. However, the sentimental exploration of a mother’s inseparable feeling and realization of true love was so heartening. Entire cast deliver flawless performances. To sum it up, its a sweet family drama that emphasizes the importance of love and happiness over money.

  • Vinodhaya Sitham

    Vinodhaya Sitham


    It is indeed your usual Samuthirakani Life moral lesson class. However this time around, he handles it subtly with a well balanced approach. The unique setting, hearty message and crisp runtime make it an engaging and satisfying enough watch. Thambi Ramiah is solid as always, with good support from all around.

  • Black Mass

    Black Mass


    The biographical crime drama gets let down by its generic approach and bland narrative. Though it lines up one true event after the other, it seems to miss the much needed gripping factor. Even if the flow was deliberate, it needed more excitement hold given the two hour runtime. Johnny Depp is about the only saving grace, who manages to single handedly hold it in the watchable territory with his outstanding performance. An ok watch.

  • Ninnila Ninnila

    Ninnila Ninnila


    It does falter a bit during the second half and doesn’t pull you in much emotionally, yet it ends up a hearty satisfying watch for its relaxed feel good vibe, gentle music, drooling food visuals and top performances. Romantic drama set around food has turned into a perfect comfort recipe.

  • The Drop

    The Drop


    When you got Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini in fine form, it definitely covers up most of the shortcomings. The character driven gritty crime drama is moody paced and gives you a feel that it’s building onto something, just that it never happens. Supporting characters get a decent arc. All leading up to an unconventional finale took me by surprise. It’s a good watch nevertheless.

    "It's like the devil is waiting for your body to quit. Because he knows... he knows that he already owns your soul."

  • 18 Pages

    18 Pages


    The first half moves breezily with good fun, feel good moments and soulful music. However the second gets inconsistent with a tiring sub plot, until it picks itself up to wrap things on a sweet beautiful note. Though the premise is interesting, a better screenplay could have made it more special. Nikhil and Anupama deliver hearty performances. They don’t have a single conversational moment, yet the magical connect gets well established. Cinematography was good. Despite of the flaws, it ends up a watchable romantic drama.