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  • Clouds of May

    Clouds of May


    Its a movie within a movie, about an indie movie filmmaker who travels to his rural hometown from Istanbul to make a film casting local people. Nuri Ceylon captures the everyday life, relationship and beauty of a Turkish village in a slow paced, raw and serene manner. The astonishing visuals have a poetic touch to them. He recruits his disgruntled cousin, reluctant parents and his 9 year old nephew who are pre occupied with their own world goals. It’s a simple movie with simple moments capturing the essence of a small town life in a dramatic and comical way.

  • Kaadhalukku Mariyaadai

    Kaadhalukku Mariyaadai


    A romantic drama with a simple love story between a couple belonging to different background of religions and how they unite admist the opposition of their families forms the crux. Fazhil impresses with his writing with an engaging drama and a touching climax. Vijay and shalini fit the bill perfectly and play their composed roles to perfection. Ilayaraja music and bgm are major enhancers, to the extent that the movie can be claimed to be a romantic musical. Overall, it’s an engaging tale of romance.

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  • Infinite



    A high concept SciFi movie based on reincarnation, believers and nihilists which begins promisingly but the uninteresting story and dull narrative pulls it down flat and ends up as forgettable experience. Mark Wahlberg couldn’t help the movie any bit either. Skip Alert.

  • Hope



    A devastating heart wrenching drama based on a true story of a 8-year old girl, raped and beaten by a drunk 57-year-old man. The first hour is a tearjerker and makes your heart heavy with pain and shock. The movie doesn’t try to manipulate the emotions or divert into criticizing the failing legal system but instead portrays the pain and suffering of the victim and its family straight. The second hour tenderly showcases about mental healing and the moments of…