Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty ★★★★★

like many, i skipped this one, because the poster and ads made it look like "Forces of Nature" or "Sliding Doors" or "Serendipity." 17 years later my Coens completism finally compelled me to get around to it, and: surprise! it's basically a Billy Wilder movie.

I was cackling from the first shot. the Coens are not only the finest living/working screenwriters, they also deftly handle material that could easily be a trainwreck in any other directors' hands.

this is as thematically cohesive and conceptually sincere as "Miller's Crossing" or "Hail Caesar!". it's far better than "the Ladykillers," which now that i've seen them all i can confirm is their sole misstep. and it's the rare romantic comedy where I 100% had no idea whether it was headed for a happy ending or not. I've seen "a Serious Man." I've seen "Burn After Reading." we all know what they're capable of.

anyway this is a delight, and you're quite excused for presuming otherwise, I do indeed give it my recommendation

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