Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★½

Man, leave it to Marvel films to absolutely shit the bucket in the final act. It’s been a consistent problem since as far back as Civil War, but it wasn’t anywhere near as prevalent as it is in Phase Four. Black Widow is at its best when it’s focused on more of the familial drama and most of the action choreography. Until the final act though, then the action is horrid. The CGI explosions are insanely awful, and the action is really hard to see in one specific fight. Obviously, you suspend your disbelief a little when watching a Marvel film, but some of the stuff in the finale is really hard to accept. It’s big, expositiony, bombastic, and just absolutely ridiculous. 

That being said, the first act isn’t exactly wonderful either. It’s really edgy in a way I wasn’t expecting, and it just doesn’t work for me. Surprisingly, the second act is the strongest for me. The family drama just works, and is really heartfelt. Marvel would be so much better off if it did more like that. If the whole movie was like this, my opinion of this would jump way up. Even the mess of the finale has some really heartfelt moments. In fact, it’s enough to bolster my opinion of the film all the way up to like a 7/10 probably. It’s just held back by some easily fixable issues, and the sequel will be. Oh. Yeah. I forgot, Marvel absolutely fucking wasted this character. I knew I was going to have that problem with this film, and problem did I have. Anyways, still a 7/10.

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