Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

I saw Justice League back in 2017 with my best friend, we had a blast because it was so awful. Now, fast forward 4 years, after years of fan demands, I was lucky enough to be invited to a special one-off fan screening premiere at the world's largest IMAX theatre, IMAX Melbourne and who else did I take with with me, that same best friend. Justice has been restored.

Watching this film I couldn't help feel insanely proud of Zack and his team. I'm so glad their full vision was finally realised and I have a feeling, those who don't normally like his work with like this at least a little.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is my favourite of the DCEU/Worlds of DC films. It's triumphant, epic, grand and just insanely cool. And the story about how this came to be just adds to all that. Seeing this on an IMAX screen is something I'll never ever forget and a memory I'll cherish forever. Unfortunately this is the way the film deserves to be seen, but the public will not get that luxury.

It's weird seeing all the stuff that was in the Whedon cut that's also here (don't get me wrong it plays out totally differently, even scene to scene) but the stuff they share in common was just strange to see, fortunately ALL of it works alot better here. Because the movie is just longer, all the stuff we already saw in the Whedon cut is given alot more room to breathe and all the scenes are extended/have different elements we haven't seen. Frankly everything feels like it has alot more weight to it and the chapter structure helps out with this. The film is incredibly well paced and keeps you engaged the entire runtime, making you forget by the end, that is has been just over 4 hours. I think this is Snyder's best work structurally.

It's going to be interesting to compare both cuts because it shows just what difference a director makes, how colouring, editing, sound choice etc. can all effect the final feel of a film. I'm so proud of Zack and this is something he can be very much proud of. Thank you Zack Snyder.

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