Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★

The last time I saw this movie was when the trilogy hit dvd years ago.

This is quite possibly the blueprint for 21st century blockbuster sequels. The opening set piece tells you everything. It's grand and a bit of a mess just like the film.

First off this might have the best setting. The production design of of Pankor Ot and the titular temple are simply stunning. There are some inventive set pieces like the opening escape up to the village and the gimicky/create a universal studios ride mine cart chase.

However, for all the inventive set pieces there is a joke that falls flat or some complete rehash, and the rehashes aren't even limited to this series. I'll leave the bugs alone since they do the rats in "Last Crusade", but the spike scene is just the damn trash compactor scene from "New Hope". There were plenty other things, but this was the most egregious for me.

The new characters are pretty much awful. Willie is such a poor romantic interest, especially evident coming after Marion. I'll just leave Short Round alone, though he does get one of the funnier exchanges in the film. Mola Ram for as iconic as he is, is incredibly weak. He's essentially a one dimensional saturday morning serial villian. Why couldn't the Prime Minister pull double duties after spending such a long time with him. I honestly don't remeber Molo Rams name ever beong stated until his final scene.

Still entirely watchable, but nostalgia couldn't save ot entirely as I now see why all my older relatives hated this when I was younger.

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