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This review may contain spoilers.

A period piece finale mashup to the much hyped Fear Street Netflix trilogy. Given the first two film’s pros and cons, I really expected the finale to struggle hard on creating convincing drama for the era of choice - in this case ancient colonial America. To my surprise, it actually exceeded expectations, even though the many of the actors from this era are pulled straight from the first film - the weakest of the bunch in my opinion. The Witch this is not - it’s not nearly as dedicated to its craft, nor does it have the same level of sinister artistry - but it’s still pretty impressive. While not to the level of the first two, there are still some shocking deaths.

The church scene with the dead kids and demonic sermon in particular was the most shocking in the trilogy and deserves massive kudos. The 1666 twist was once again overtly telegraphed, however the resulting revelation and transition back into 1994 was not, and caught me a bit of guard. Sure I considered it all, but they finally delivered a well-earned plot development that I really enjoyed. Tying all three films together was bold - even though all three films were released a week apart, I STILL forgot some character relationships, but I’ll mostly give them a pass since it’s playing into the unique release format of the films and provides a unique level of plot intricacy.

I still didn’t love 1994, though choosing to go back to the neon-lit mall was certainly the right choice as that’s an awesome setpiece visually. The final thirty minutes were.. fine. You have the classic getting shit ready montage before squaring off against the big bads that I always welcome, but it dragged a tad and the final showdown was anti-climactic - the antagonist kind of just.. died. That’s all fine, though - because I really didn’t think they’d pull off this grand finale and they actually did a solid job at it - something that’s especially uncommon in the horror genre. All said and done, Fear Street was a definite success and I’m certainly not alone in feeling this way - here’s to hoping they don’t let it go to their heads and expand the universe tastefully.

Scare Factor - 4/10
Gore Factor - 6/10
Overall Score - 4 Stars

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