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  • You Only Live Once

    You Only Live Once

    The first film of 2021.

    This year, beyond the usual, lose weight and try to eat healthier, one of my new year´s resolutions is to write, at least a little something about each movie I watch. This seems like a good enough platform to make that happen so here is the start of it. If it goes like any of my resolutions in prior years, this is not something I should be looking forward to doing for too long, but…

  • Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal

    Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal

    #46 of 2021

    While I have experienced this interactive video, I´m not logging it to talk about it. I remember it filling about 30 minutes of my life and the song at the end was fun, but there is more important information to put down. I want to have a written record of the moments after watching the final moments of Carmen Sandiego...

    When I sat down on my couch this evening, I did not know I was about to…

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  • The Auschwitz Report

    The Auschwitz Report

    #181 of 2021


    I´m so happy I went to see this in the theater. Trailers for Slovak movies rarely grab my attention, but the one for this was so minimalist, simple and so effective, that I just had to go. As movies about the holocaust go, Správa is very stylish. Weird camera angles, extreme, claustrophobia-inducing close-ups, shaky hand-held shots showing the frantic fear of being caught, and long, stable wide takes moving ever-closer, as the severity of the crimes…

  • Mainstream


    #180 of 2021

    I... appreciated this movie. I think that´s the right word to describe my current feeling.

    I appreciated how well it looked. I appreciated the bold style, although I didn´t always like it. I appreciated the message it was trying to send, although it was very preachy at some points. I liked it overall. It spoke to my distrust and sheer disinterest in anything social-media-related. It grabbed my attention and then showed me the other side of the…

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  • Candyman


    #161 of 2021

    "Tell, EVERYONE."

    Communal trauma, brought on by gentrification and cultural erasure, personified in an urban legend/actual ghost made of generational fear. A brilliant update and continuation of themes from the first film and damn scary. Loved it.

  • The Maltese Falcon

    The Maltese Falcon

    #178 of 2021

    A great example of noir filmmaking. Moody, confusing and well-acted, The Maltase Falcon delivers even today.

    I don´t know what else to say though. I´m trying to pick out something that caught my eye or interested me beyond the obvious, but I struggle. As good as it is at what it tries to do, it didn´t really go past that for me. Great, but not that special in my eyes.