Sick ★★½

A serviceable little slasher, mostly thanks to John Hyams's action-movie sensibilities. What works best here are the moments when the camera pulls back to stress outright physical danger, like the masked assailant running our protagonists down across a dark field, or Parker alone on a raft, the killer's knife jutting up and slicing through cracks in the floor. What works less well is Kevin Williamson's script, so some very light spoilers ahead? The genre fundamentals are absolutely accounted for, but the decision to hinge the narrative on the pandemic is at best just exploitation, equal parts marketing and plot device—the depiction of a supermarket circa April 2020 is, however, uncannily good! And so because Sick's not productively about any particular aspect of the pandemic, it opens itself up to a few questionable readings. A generous one might highlight a theme of misplaced rage, but you could just as easily follow a thread that frames people who took it too seriously as more deranged than those who didn't care at all. And I'm not suggesting either of these are the film's actual agenda, just that there's a sloppiness to the construction that leaves me less than satisfied.

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