Jaws ★★★★★

I'd seen this a handful of times over the years, but watching this in IMAX (as god intended) is a different experience altogether. Amazing to hear the crowd chatter and crack jokes for the first few scenes, then grow completely silent after the shark attacks a kid and red geysers start shooting out of the water. Spielberg's techniques are timeless—there's not a shot, gesture, or line of dialogue that doesn't exist with intent, and not a single one feels dated. There's also a vitality here unique among movies from the era, like if big-budget Hollywood mawkishness suddenly found itself in perfect harmony with a gritty exploitation film. Scares still work as intended, from Ben Gardner's head floating out of his boat's smashed hull to my personal favourite: the shark leaping out of the water as Brody languidly drops chum off the stern. Everyone is great, but Robert Shaw's performance is for the ages. Between Quint's menacing sea shanties, sharing scars with Hooper, and the USS Indianapolis monologue, I truly cannot pick a favourite moment. Cinema's platonic ideal?

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