Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★★

An editor reassigned (from what looks like the department of Ingmar Bergman) to work on horror films alone in a cabin slowly goes insane after being subjected to non-stop gratuitous sex and violence. The movie overflows with references to classic horror—Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead are some of the more obvious ones—and features some genuinely impressive prosthetics and goop. The dialogue is weird to the point of evoking a kind of linguistic uncanny valley, and is dubbed by what I have to assume are Swedish actors doing their best American accents (and Bill Mosley), which gives the whole thing an additional layer of fun and oddness.

In theory, this sounds like it should be incredible. There’s a subversive, prankish quality to much of the film, and the special effects really are fantastic. But in execution, its lowbrow humour and plodding pace kind of drag things down. In between all the impressive creature design and severed limbs, a lot of scenes actually suffer from an annoying sense of inertia. Ultimately, the wild stuff outweighs the boring, but it’s close enough to leave me slightly disappointed.

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