Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★½

Tony Scott left this mortal coil in 2012. Ridley made The Counselor in 2013. So can someone explain why Exodus: Gods And Kings opens with an epitaph dedicating what essentially is a Cecil B. DeMille-style bible epic in memory of his brother and not his previous film that actually looks like a Tony Scott homage?

I simply cannot comprehend why Ridley thought this was the best film to dedicate to the world's most criminally underappreciated genre auteur of our times. Is it the potential exposure? Or did Ridley genuinely fuck up and forgot to insert this title card in front of The Counselor? It's almost inappropriate, come to think of it. This whitewashed exercise in cinematic tedium and mediocrity with horrible pacing problems should be the last film to ever be dedicated to Tony Scott's memory!

Rant over.

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