Pig ★★★★

Go in knowing nothing at all.
An astonishing debut from Michael Sarnoski, Pig is a rather deeply emotional film about loss, of self and others and the toll that takes, and how it shows ultimately much more courage to reach into someone else's soul, especially if it's a person who wronged you than to go about the usual revenge narrative. I won't say any details about the story, but it's a film that earns everything.

Nicolas Cage and Alex Wolff are an excellent match. Both of their characters are unique and the way they play off one another was a treat to watch. It's an interesting film made with a lot of love and care. I was feeling a little melancholic at the end of the film. The cinematography is subtle and somber, and the music is excellent. The whole film feels like something that shouldn't work, that shouldn't have even been made, but it does, and it's easily one of the year's best.

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