Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

Wes Anderson manages, like no other, to create these small, magical worlds, with such bizarre and special characters. His films are never too long, so you don't get bored and, as in his other works, the cinematography in Fantastic Mr. Fox is again unique and beautiful. It made me laugh a lot, the movie has a lot of nice little details and thoughtful, entertaining, and multi-layered characters. Fantastic Mr. Fox is truly a masterpiece, although I didn't think beforehand that I would like this movie very much. On many lists, I have seen this film as the best or one of the best animated films, but it wasn't until I watched it that I could understand the enthusiasm of the users. Fantastic Mr. Fox is simply a comfort movie that really everyone should have seen. I could easily see myself rating this 5 stars on a rewatch.

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