Spencer ★★★★★


Beautiful and haunting and tragic. Very intimate.
Pablo Larraín’s direction is superb and so is Claire Mathon’s cinematography! She already did great work on Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Atlantics, but Spencer looked even better! Shot on film, soft edges, lots of pastel colours. And perfect use of light and fog! 

I also really like the score. There’s a lot of Jazz, which was unexpected, but fit really well.
The music (in that scene it wasn’t Jazz but a small orchestra playing) also really helped to build tension and anxiety during the dinner scene, hands down one of the year’s best scenes and more stressful than some horror films could ever be.

But now, of course, Kristen Stewart!
She’s really gonna win the Oscar, is she? And she completely deserves it! This is her best performance yet! She makes Diana her own and just captivates the screen and our attention. This was truly fantastic!

And I love that we get a new brilliant Diana performance every year now!
Last year it was Emma Corrin for The Crown Season 4 (with an equally brilliant Josh O’Connor as her Prince Charles), this year it’s Kristen Stewart (and a good but very supporting Jack Farthing) and next year for The Crown Season 5 it’s going to be Elizabeth Debicki!

But while The Crown is about the entire royal family and as much about Charles than it is about Diana, Spencer is really just about her.
The supporting cast is great too (special shoutout to Sally Hawkins who brings in a surprise lesbian subplot), but they’re all really just supporting. Diana is the only main character and sole focus of the film.

It’s not a biopic either, it’s a “fable” (that’s what they call it) that imagines a Christmas weekend in her life during the time she decided to separate from Charles. It’s not about any facts and doesn’t even explain a lot, it really expects you to know Diana and what she was going through at that time (for example Camilla).
It’s really a character study and chamber piece. And it often feels dreamlike. 
It’s very intimate, and it’s very haunting and tragic, but there are also very light joyous scenes. The scenes with her two boys were another standout.

One of the finest films and performances of the year!

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