I love movies. All of them.
Ratings are not objective, I don‘t compare each movie to all other movies.

Favorite films

  • Evil Under the Sun
  • Ratatouille
  • Booksmart
  • Scream

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  • One Man Band


  • All Too Well: The Short Film

  • Taxi Driver


  • Cursed

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  • Evil Under the Sun

    Evil Under the Sun


    My all-time favourite film!
    Peter Ustinov‘s best outing as Poirot, and Diana Rigg has so much fun playing Arlena Marshall. One of the best mean girl performances on film!
    And the ending where Poirot tells everyone how it all went down blows me away every single time. It‘s just so incredibly well constructed and clever.
    More people need to watch this!
    Ustinov‘s Poirot is a character for the ages.
    Oh, and I want to be on that island.
    Special shoutout to Maggie Smith, Jane Birkin, Nicholas Clay in speedos and Sylvia Miles with her glorious deep voice pushing a cigarette in a tomato.

  • Best Man

    Best Man


    Kill me with a hair dryer, Josh O‘Connor

Recent reviews

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    Guy who has only seen Joker: I’m getting a lot of Joker vibes from this *

    I didn’t get why he wanted to kill the senator all the sudden, but it was still a pretty great film!
    The lighting, the colours, the cinematography!!! 

    * I know it was the other way round

  • Cursed


    I slept through the entire thing, but I’ll rewatch it as soon as possible, cause it’s literally a Wes Craven werewolf horror film from the 2000s starring Christina Ricci.

Popular reviews

  • Normal People Confessions

    Normal People Confessions

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, this is like 4 minutes long, but it‘s a Normal People and Fleabag crossover and stars HOT PRIEST!? Ehm, YES!!

  • Red Dot

    Red Dot


    Unpopular opinion: I liked this movie!

    I mean... it made me mad as hell, because every single situation took the worst possible outcome.
    But knowing that is also what made it so entertaining. I was invested the entire time.

    The concept is awesome!
    + it‘s pretty intense and brutal