Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★

Warner Bros. Cinema

He would've loved it”

The female empowered reinvention of Ocean’s 8 works on a multitude of levels. The first is exercising an electrifying voluminous female cast list for the ages. Blanchett and Bullock verge on walking on water, excellent chemistry with a wonderful sense of catharsis rounded with the romanticised animosity that heightens the humour and thankfully never sexualized the actresses on screen, which can be attributed to every performance on screen with Kaling, Rihanna and Awkwafina impressing tenfold, with reasonable depth and charismatic arcs. There are problems and the inclusion of James Corden aside, Ross’ film is incredibly flaccid and mundane, considering the genre and connotations it's somewhat surprising how cavalier and flat tension drops in the final act, which can, unfortunately, be attributed to the production itself with director Gary Ross, editor Juliette Welfling and cinematographer Eigil Byrld putting forward reasonably efficient efforts but never expressing any form of potential, ultimately leaving the audience both cold and perplexed with a lack of originality.


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