Dune ★★★

The virgin Timothée Chalamet vs. the Chad Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem, Oscar Isaac, & Jason Momoa

Well worth seeing in the theatre for the spectacular sound design, score, & massive scope that manages real scale in its sets, compositions, costumes, & special effects. Undoubtedly better than the 80s one, as it manages a more comprehensible focus on its characters with solid world building & stakes. There’s also an eeriness throughout that I found uniquely interesting. But idk, aside from slightly more coherent narrative editing, this basically has all the same problems as the original. For me, I think it just comes down to the source material, as I just can’t connect to any of it emotionally, so a lot of it just rings hollow. I love the brutalist architectural design, but it can feel monochromatic after a while for how dimly lit it is, & much of the movie’s second half boils down to aimlessly wandering around a desert; for what is a first chapter, it feels like a lot of wheel spinning. I still was impressed by what Denis did here, & will absolutely be seeing part two on the biggest screen I can. Honestly kind of amazing that something this dense & nerdcore can still get a multimillion dollar budget & be released to the masses as if it has any chance of success

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