A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★½

Freddy falls in love with the word bitch in this one and never looks back 

Although I didn’t find it quite as scary, I love this film just as much as the first in the franchise, it’s definitely my favorite of the sequels. Freddys one liners are a bit cheesy but remain pretty iconic. I love the imaginative plot, the visuals and set pieces are brilliant. One of my earliest memories of a horror film is the strange snake creature eating Kristen, but all of the death scenes are noteworthy. Freddy with needles for fingers is a particularly unforgettable scene, that and when Philip is puppeteered by his tendons are moments that always make me cringe. 
I love all the characters in the main group of kids, this is one of the few slasher where I actually care for the teens who are getting picked off one by one which makes each death scene all that more impactful. I was also excited to see Heather Langencamp retuning as Nancy to be part of the story again. I know she isn’t one of horrors most beloved final girls but I’m not sure why her character doesn’t have a better reputation, I enjoyed her in this one probably even more than the first and I think she deserves a little more love. The only character I didn’t care much for was the doctor, who I think we we’re meant to like seeing as he ends up Nancy’s romantic interest, that was the only part of the plot I could’ve done without. 

The film feels dated but in the best sort of way, it’s the epitome of the 80s. The practical effects are incredible and the plot is creatively strange while still making sense. With Wes Craven back in the writers seat, this installment is much more aligned with his first film and completely ignores the events of the second, which to be honest felt pretty out of place in the franchise. As far as slasher sequels go, I have to say Dream Warriors is definitely one of the best!

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